Building Community from the Inside Out

How to Help

Volunteer as a Mentor. Your gift of one hour a week can change a family forever.

How can I help our community in a meaningful way when my time is limited?

Many feel the call to serve our community and help those in need. However, our personal responsibilities prevent us from devoting as much time as we might like. Given limited time, can I still make an impact in the lives of others? With Garden Pathways, your gift of just one hour a week can change a family forever.

Hope is a stranger to many in our community who only know poverty, abandonment, and life-dominating challenges. Investing your time as a mentor can bring the guidance, encouragement, and hope needed to change the course of their lives.
Mentoring brings hope, restoration, and wholeness that changes families forever and transforms the future of communities. 

I’m not an expert. How can I help?

You do not need to be an expert to be a mentor. Mentors are ordinary people who care, guide and encourage. They make themselves available to share wisdom and encouragement from their personal life experience. Mentoring utilizes many of the daily skills that are taken for grantedIf you can shop, get and keep a job, parent a child, or build a budget, then you can be a great mentor.

Garden Pathways will support you with experts. As a mentor, you will receive training and have access to a wide array of field tested mentoring curriculum guides. You also will have the ongoing support of mentoring consultants who are qualified professionals, providing their expertise when the needs of participants exceed the scope of your personal knowledge.

To Volunteer in Kern County

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You may also register at Volunteer Match

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 Become a Corporate Sponsor. A strategic community investment. 

The significant impact that mentors bring to a community needs the support of businesses to succeed. Garden Pathways trains mentors to help those mentored see work from the employer’s perspective, and the changes that mentors bring to the workforce within the community. Make mentoring a strategic community investment.