Building Community from the Inside Out

Afterschool Performing Arts provides a creative alternative to traditional day care.

  • Students discover and develop their unique purpose and creativity as they engage in a broad spectrum of the arts.
  • Students advance their academic skills through tutoring and homework support.
  • Students improve their physical fitness through active participation in gymnastics, tap dance, ballet, and jazz dance. 


Afterschool Performing Arts provides a creative alternative to traditional day care. Students discover and develop their unique purpose and creativity as they engage in a broad spectrum of the arts, academic enrichment, physical activities, and character education in after-school and day camp programs.

Garden Pathways Performing Arts classes give students in grades K-6 rich exposure to diverse art forms, including drama, tap dance, ballet, jazz dance, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, and gymnastics. The program’s comprehensive offerings also provide abundant support for students to improve their academic skills and physical fitness. Garden Pathways Performing Arts broad dimensions of learning extend to character education as caring instructors both model and employ “teachable moments” to nurture life-building character traits, such as kindness, self-control, and teamwork. Afterschool Performing Arts, along with summer, winter, and spring camps, enable busy families to conveniently maximize opportunities for lifelong learning.


Exploration and Training

Exploratory classes give students rich exposure to diverse art forms, including drama, dance, vocal music, instrumental music, visual arts, and gymnastics. Those students who demonstrate special interest or talent receive advanced training from gifted teachers.


Varied performance troupes proficiently develop students’ performance and stage skills. They provide fun and engaging avenues of artistic expression and opportunities for performance throughout the community.


Garden Pathways Performing Arts takes pride in the notable recognition that its students have been awarded, including being named winners of KGET’s “Kern County’s Most Talented Kid” contest and repeatedly capturing first place in the Exchange Club’s Talent Search at the local, regional, and national levels. Afterschool Performing Arts serves as the training ground for many young people who are successfully entering the professional arena. Garden Pathways Performing Arts students have been featured in commercials, print advertising, movies, and as lead roles in community stage productions. Garden Pathways Performing Arts was honored with the 2007 Beautiful Bakersfield Award presented by the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce.